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Technical supervision of works

Technical supervision of works

Task goals:

  • duly supervision of construction applying risk prevention assessment, within scheduled time frame
  • observation of keeping norms and regulations

Due dilligence prior to construction:

  • become acquainted with project documentation and site organization chart

  • assistance in handover of building site

During execution of works:

  •  supervision of requirements for execution: from planning and building permits to general requirements for construction

  • quality of works supervision, special attention given to parts before their covering

  • supervision of works pertaining to execution documentation (specifications and drawings)

  • supervision of inspections and tests, checking quality of used materials

  • checking of storage of materials, site plant equipment, and upholding work safety standards

  • checking of work progress regarding planning

  • participation on site meetings, inspections by local authorities

  • cooperation with contractor and architect with solving on-site challenges

  • verifying administration of site diary, inscription evaluation of participants, records of supervisor on-site visits

  • regularly informing investor about progress of works, as well as irregular circumstances

  • management of project documentation

  • administration of client changes

  • monitoring of invoicing

    • monthly monitoring of progress made based on the works budget

    • examination/verification of invoicing based on executed works

    • continuous recording of all budget modifications ( extra works and deductions)

    • continuous status update pertaining to budget segments and total cost of works

  • verifying administration of site diary, inscription evaluation of participants, records of supervisor on-site visits

    regularly informing investor about progress of works, as well as irregular circumstances

     management of project documentation

     administration of client changes

     monitoring of invoicing

During preparation of works commissioning:

  • tests and partial handovers participation

  • assistance with elaboration of snag list

  • handover of removed snags

  • checking of elaboration "as built" documentation

After commissioning:

  • updating of snag list

  • handover of removed snags on contractor appeal

Complementary information

  • supervision is executed depending on progress of works, and covers all important works and phases of construction
  • site visits are carried out on regular basis several times a week

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Checking construction project documentation

Checking construction project documentation

Task goals:

  • prevention of risks due to eventual insufficiencies in project

  • examination of adequacy of proposed construction solutions

    • correct consideration of all input parameters for project

    • inspection of relevant components of construction focusing on complicated parts

    • observation of keeping valid norms

    • respect of stipulated investor requirements

  • checking of completeness of documentation

Phase of permit acquisition:

  • examination of suitability and effectiveness of designed construction solutions

During execution of works:

  • verifying execution of project modifications through building permit requirements (as well as requirements of investor, construction company, authorities etc.) needed to realize the project

Handing over phase:

  • supervision of correct and complete handover of "as built" documentation for problem-free and effective operation of the buildin

Complementary information

  • service is provided particularly for developers, investors, insurance companies (dealing with inherent vice)

  • we examine the most important and risky parts of construction (load bearing structure, waterproofing, fire protection project)

  • examination is executed in cooperation with designer (collaboration of designer is indispensable through questions & answers)

  • the combination of checking  project documentation and supervision of works bring the following benefits :

    • supervision of works with deeper knowledge of context and details of the project

    • supervision of project parameters within the context of building permits until works are completed

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Assistance to investors

Assistance to investors

Task goals:

  • to complete competences of investor with necessary construction information

  • to represent investor in specified scope before other project participants

Prior to execution of works:

  • collaboration with conceiving project documentation and permissions acquisition

    • planning (terms for execution)

    • economy of project

    • feasibility of design, risk control

  • collaboration with bidding process

    • preparation of instructions

    • setting of assessment standards

    • communication with participants

    • evaluation of offers

  • collaboration with agreements with contractors

    • examination of agreements from technical point of view

During execution of works:

  • forecasting problematic issues

  • active supervision of project development

    • elaboration of documentation

    • executed works and completed deliveries

    • observation of time schedule upholding

  • improvement proposals and recommendations

  • overseeing correct performance of participants in construction process

  • managing site meetings

Following handover:

  • cooperation with launching operation

Complementary information

  • we are a part of team of particular construction project

  • we work for developers and other investors according to the category of investment

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Expert opinion

Expert opinion

Survey of technical state of structures, buildings / repairs

  • expert opinions and evaluation of technical state of buildings or structures (works)
  • advice for choosing optimal technology for repairs, restorations
  • supervision during execution of works

Complementary information

  • general overview of structure (building), or inspection of a previously appointed problem

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